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Volume 05 :: 1300 My Time

The theme for this next issue of the Collective is called 1300 My Time.

What does that mean exactly?  Well, I figured we had all these lovely ladies all around the world.  So why not see what they’re doing at a particular time and particular date?!

1300 means 1 p.m. I cannot seem to get military or 24hr time out of my head.  My dad was in the army when I was growing up and all the clocks were in this format and it just became normal to me.

Why one o’clock?  Dunno, sounded like a nice time and 1300 (said 13 hundred) My Time sounded nice to my ears, lol!

Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, is the first day for shooting.  I picked four dates at about two week intervals, Feb 14 & 28, March 14 &28 and Collective members signed up for one of those dates.

All submissions will be included in this special volume!

So what will you be doing at 1300 tomorrow?  Share it with us and have a happy valentine’s day!