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fPOE members Blog linky party

Check out these cool posts from members of the fPOE team:



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3threes with Sandra Lee Russell

Sandra was featured in Volume 02 ::  Hot in the Summer

–3 favorite artists?
egon schiele
cy twombly
amedeo modigliani

–3 places you want to go?
back to france (can’t get enough)
new zealand

–3 all time favorite movies?
(i have to preface this by saying i have about 50 favorites.
it is very hard for me to pick a favorite anything!
but these are three that popped to mind at this moment.)
girl on a bridge
red beard
the royal tenenbaums

i felt like being ultra minimal today.
so we have a bread seed poppy and a cloudy ocean:
day one: favorite color



Sisterhood of the Travelling Camera: Anika Toro

Anika Toro

1. Where are you now? Knoxville, TN

2. What is your favorite place to eat in the area? A new raw bar, Shucks {who new I’d like oysters?!}

3. Where do you like to take visiting friends? The Smoky Mountains

4. What is your favorite place to photograph in the area? Lately, blank walls and empty spaces. It seems like people in TN are more inclined to let a property sit empty to the point of absolute decay. Perhaps it’s the new way to re-build, perhaps people want to let others have more time to photograph a special place.

5. Do you always take your camera with you? My camera phone is always with me along with either my Canon DSLR or a pocket-friendly Nikon.

I was here

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3threes with Nature’s Images by Design

Anita from Nature’s Images by Design featured in Volume 01 :: New Beginnings and Volume 02 :: Hot in the Summer


3 Places I want to go –
1. Africa on Safari for at least 3 weeks.
2. Egypt – dying to see the pyramids
3. Russia

3 all time fave movies – 
1. Out of Africa
2. Doctor Zhivago
3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Egyptian Squared

3 shows you are watching now?
1. Burn Notice – Love the humor of the show and LOVE Jeffrey Donovan
2. So You Think You Can Dance – I love watching the routines that the choreographers come with.
3. Fairly Legal – Funny and some nice eye candy. 😉


3threes ::: BleuOiseau Photography

Ashleigh of BleuOiseau Photography (featured in Volume 01 :: New Beginnings)

What are 3 things on your desk?

1.  my computer!

2.  buttons 😀

3.  washi tape…my new addiction!

Name 3 places you want to photograph.

1.  Jasper National Park..was there ages ago with an ex and dying to get back there with my family and dSLR.

2.  Yosemite National Park…so close yet so far away!

3.  Chicago…completely random, I know, but it was a cool city and I didn’t get any pics from hanging out there 😦

Top 3 shows you are watching right now.

1.  True Blood

2.  Life on Mars

3.  My little pony…yeah who has a six year old in the house?!