A place to feature the artists currently published in the Collective.


Ashleigh A. Coyner
Owner, BleuOiseau Photography
Bonjour! I am a wannabe ornithologist who dislikes the word seagull and can identify birds by song. I drink my coffee with too much creamer and will eat anything that contains raspberries. Natural light photography is my game.

Always on the lookout for birds and great light.

I am a natural light photographer; I like to use what light is available when photographing a scene or object.
My goal is to capture the beauty that is already present in my subject whether that is a landscape, portraiture, or ordinary object. I aspire to have my photographs feel like paintings, to have them evoke emotions from the observer.
I remember my college photography professor telling me that my photographs were too “forensic”, lol. Well, I was in school for biology not photography. I am happy to say that my photography has “lightened” up a bit.
As a former biologist, some of my favorite subjects to shoot are birds, trees, and rivers. I love landscape photography and am thankful for the area I now live in…surrounded by water, mountains and lots of trees! I am currently working on a project called Inkblot Trees of the Klickitat River Valley. It is an exciting project that I hope to share on Etsy soon.Links:





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