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Sisterhood of the Travelling Camera: Sandra Lee Russell

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Sandra Lee Russell

1. Where are you now?  cardiff by the sea, ca
2. What is your favorite place to eat in the area?  the market (for splurgy goodness) www.marketdelmar.com/
3. Where do you like to take visiting friends?  the beach or the botanical gardens or downtown encinitas.
4. What is your favorite place to photograph in the area?   i mostly photograph what ‘hits’ me, so ‘where’ doesn’t always have a lot to do with it. that being said, the above places are nice. 
also my garden is a great place to take pictures.
5. Do you always take your camera with you?  iphone is always with me.my ricoh for close-ups.my canon when i know i want to get serious.and my polaroid for fun.



Author: ashinbleu

Natural Light Photographer + Designer fine art*landscape*portraiture

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