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Volume 02 is now live!

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The fPOE Collective :: Volume 02

The fPOE Collective: The fPOE Collective :: Volume 02

Hot in the Summer, the second volume of The fPOE Collective, is bound to bring back your childhood memories of summer!

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3threes ::: BleuOiseau Photography

Ashleigh of BleuOiseau Photography (featured in Volume 01 :: New Beginnings)

What are 3 things on your desk?

1.  my computer!

2.  buttons 😀

3.  washi tape…my new addiction!

Name 3 places you want to photograph.

1.  Jasper National Park..was there ages ago with an ex and dying to get back there with my family and dSLR.

2.  Yosemite National Park…so close yet so far away!

3.  Chicago…completely random, I know, but it was a cool city and I didn’t get any pics from hanging out there 😦

Top 3 shows you are watching right now.

1.  True Blood

2.  Life on Mars

3.  My little pony…yeah who has a six year old in the house?!